Magnetic storage system composed of wall covering and magnetic accessories.

3S Magnet is a creative and flexible storage solution for every room! It gives new meaning to the term “flexible design”, and is the epitome of our company’s motto: “Don’t change your habits, change your furniture!”.


Free your workspace with 3S MAGNET storage system! Get all the shelf space and storage space you need, on your back wall. Choose the size, shape and colour of your wall covering. Match it to perfectly to your interior.

You can choose from our extensive catalogue of accessories, such as shelves, hangers, holders and hooks. This way you can choose the purpose of your system and you can also change the purpose at a later point.











Wall coverings

3S magnet wall coverings are not sensitive to finger prints, waterproof and heat resistant. They are slow to get dirty and are very easy to clean. You can use them as kitchen or bathroom splashbacks or just stipes, glued onto the existing wall covering (wood, ceramics, glass,..). However, you can also liven your space up and use them as a decorative or creative board anywhere you need. We cut them to size, so you can choose dimension, shape and colour of your 3S magnet surface.











Magnetic accessories

You are the master of your 3S Magnet system. Give it a purpose by choosing a set of accessories that is exactly what you need. If your needs change in time, you can always ad new accessories or replace them all together.  A 3S magnet plate in your living room can be a blackboard and play surface for children one year, a decorative panel with small plants the next, or a wall to exhibit your souvenirs and pictures the year after that. With 3S Magnet your creativity can roam free!

STEP 1 : Grab the magnetic accessory with both hands and hold it at an angle

STEP 2 : Press the bottom edge to the wall covering in horizontal position

STEP 3 : Slowly even the element towards the wall covering.

STEP 4 : Load the accessory evenly (centrally).


3S magnet is perfect for kitchens. Not only is the magnetic storage system a simple way to empty your worktop and regain some space, but the wall coverings are very practical surfaces, easy to clean with few or no connections.


With the new line, we are finally introducing a drill-free collection of bathroom accessories. You can order a wall covering in a size of one ceramic tile or you can clad a whole wall in our 3S magnet wall covering.






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